FyeBoy is a native of Daytona Beach, FL. the city in which he started his entertainment lifestyle. As a child, he became interested in the development of music while watching hip hop music videos during his recreational time; the vocals and lyrical content are what left lasting impressions for the years to come.

Fyeboy grew up in the church and lived at home with both parents, which presently plays a major part in his spiritual well-being. Throughout his years of growing up, he was always active in sports such as football and basketball and during his middle school years, he played the Tuba in the school’s band. Fyeboy has always been proactively driven and with his drive and determination his entrepreneurship skills came into play.

In 2000, Fyeboy began planning and executing major concerts, that featured unsigned and signed music artists, in his hometown to generate revenue that would contribute to the process of starting his own business. His first promotional project was with Cash Money’s formerly signed artist B.G. in which the concert was a sellout within days.

Since then Fyeboy has done promotional projects with and for Blood Raw, Brick Boy Click, Field Mob, Ginuwine, Grandaddy Souf, JT Money, Lil’ Jon, Lil Wayne & Squad Up, Plies, Trina, Sticks, Supa Gutta, Tampa Tony, Ying Yang Twins and many other artists not previously mentioned.

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