Freddrick “STICKS” Powell was born on November 24, 1982 to Ms. Patricia Ann Powell. He was raised in a household of five in a middle class neighborhood with his mother, stepfather and his 2 sisters. .

“STICKS” is blessed with many talents that are a great attribute to his career as a rapper. He learned how to draw at the age of four.  His first picture was that of a “Nike” Tennis shoe with a unique design.  At the age of five, “STICKS” talked about becoming a lawyer. He wanted a career that entails hard work, dedication and determination. Just before “STICKS” turned seven, he learned how to cut hair by practicing on teddy bears.

Inspired by his mother, “STICKS” begin to write poems in elementary, a trait that he carried over with him to Middle School where he also beat the drums in his freshman year.

In 1995 “STICKS” played flag football for “Pop Warner” where he starred as a quarterback for the team, the Bucs. Not taking interest in football once he had a pen in hand, he decided not to play the following year but diverted all of his spare time and attention to actually writing poems and rap music which was the beginning of his music career.

After listening to and admiring some of the world’s greatest known rappers such as Tupac, MC Hammer, and Bones Thugs & Harmony “STICKS” decided from that  moment on that he would become a professional world wide rapper.

As the years rolled by, “STICKS” continued to put his lyrics on paper and started spending time in the studio to get them recorded.

At the age of 17, “STICKS” did his first show at a local club in Daytona Beach called Club Flavors, where he opened up for Trick Daddy. Following that performance, “STICKS” also opened up for many other well known rappers such as Master P., Lil Wayne, Juvenile, T.I., Plies, Webbie, and Shawty Lo, just to name a few. He has also done uncountable tours from city to city and state to state.

In 1999 “STICKS” recorded his first demo album titled “Ain’t No Sunshine” with a total of 7 songs that got the attention of many fans in the State of Florida. From that moment on “STICKS” has been on his grind to succeeding as a professional world-wide known rapper and is still striving daily to pursue his dream to the fullest.

In 2008 “STICKS” signed with the hottest label in the city, “Fire Boy Records Inc.” Now with the new label “STICKS” has dropped “Tha Real Bubble” which is hosted by DJ Khaled. This street album is his hottest album yet. The album features all of “STICKS” original music and “STICKS” was very hands on with the production of the album. “Tha Real Bubble” is described as the best, the realist and hottest sounds around. His debut single “Off the Whammy” a.k.a. “Off da’ Wham Wham” is on fire and is being played all across the country.  All the My Space junkies, You Tube lovers, I Tune lovers, Hustlers, Men, Women, and Kids jam to it. “Off the Whammy” is as high as it gets, you can’t get no higher. The highly anticipated DVD entitled “Off the Whammy” is a must see.  “STICKS” was also featured on“Fyeboy” hot new single titled “Luv to Smoke” also featuring “Michael Stokes” and ”Supa Gutta” , that was released in 2012 which the video received over 150,00 views in less than 2 months. The DVD entails short details of “STICKS” life inside and outside the studio. Fire Boy Records Inc. is “A Movement” that “STICKS” is proud to be a part of. “STICKS” also received a Hoody award for all“Best All Around Rapper” in Volusia County.


1994 Ain’t No Sunshine
2004 First Hand Direct Not By Hearsay
2005 Dream Team Volumes 1-4
2006 It’s About That Time with Slip-N- Slide Records
2007 It Is What It Is with Slip-N-Slide Records
2008 The Real Bubble Hosted by DJ Khaled
2009 Everything Copasetic & Loud Pack Express
2010 38STICKS
2011 Full Throttle
2012 Poor Little Rich Kid


When asked “STICKS” what is his take on his music career, his response is simply this: “My style of rap is unique and undefined and you will never hear lyrics so real, so raw and crowd pleasing. So to sum it all up, deal or no deal I just want the world to hear me, and I will be heard nationwide”.